Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center

Message from the Director
I hope that every woman,
as a woman, finds her own path.
Kayo Inaba
Director of the Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center
Executive Vice-President for Gender Equality, International Affairs, and Public Relations

When I was a graduate student, there was only a small number of female graduate students in the science fields, and there was no facility dedicated to providing support for women. However, I enjoyed scientific experiments, and luckily I found employment at Kyoto University as a research associate. That was the beginning of the path that led to my current position.

Any era or any society will provide us with ways to open up new paths for ourselves. Research is just one of many paths that may be followed. The important thing is to find out what we truly want for ourselves, and what we are adept at. Having said that, we also encounter crossroads in our lives, and if we stick rigidly to one direction, we may get lost. But if you do get lost, please do not give up. Please try to go back and start again with what you personally want, and keep working to find the best way to open your own path forward.

I think that there are certain characteristics and qualities that are often particularly strong in women, such as delicate precision and communication skills. In a male-dominated society, women should take advantage of such strengths and be proactive about establishing their own place in society.

It is important to maintain an environment in which everyone can develop their abilities, exchange ideas, respect the thoughts of others, and mutually enhance each other’s capabilities. In a highly diverse society such as ours, I hope that women will discover their own passions, and carve out their own paths.

Kyoto University endeavors to provide support to those who strive to pursue their own goals. I hope that we can work together to realize a truly gender-equal society.