Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center

Nursery Room for Convalescent Children

Steps of the Registration and Admission Process

1. Advance registration
2. Preliminary medical examination
3. Making a reservation
4. Bringing your child to the Nursery Room
5. Collecting your child from the Nursery Room

1. Advance registration

In order to use the Nursery Room for Convalescent Children, advance registration (free of charge) must be completed by 14:30 on the day prior to the intended use date. The registration form can be downloaded here. Please complete the registration form and send it by email to: byojih

A copy of your staff or student ID card, MEXT Mutual Aid Association membership card, Notice of Employment, or other document that verifies your affiliation with Kyoto University must be also submitted via email (in PDF format) or sent to the Kyoto University Nursery Room by campus mail. If you do not have any of the above documents, please contact to the nursery room in advance.

If it is necessary to change any information entered in the registration form, the user must apply for re-registration. Users are requested to inform the Nursery Room if they leave or are no longer affiliated with Kyoto University.

Registration Form

Registration Form

2. Preliminary medical examination

Prior to admission, all children must be examined by a physician at a medical facility other than the Kyoto University Hospital, and the specified Physician's Report form must be completed (by the physician) and submitted to the Nursery Room. The preliminary medical examination cannot be performed at the outpatient unit of the Kyoto University Hospital Emergency Department or Department of Pediatrics.
*Please note that the Nursery Room for Convalescent Children will not accept a Physician’s Report obtained from an emergency clinics or night emergency medical service.

Children eligible for admission: Convalescent* (see below for definition) children of Kyoto University faculty, staff, and students who were diagnosed with any of the following illnesses:

1. Aseptic meningitis, 2. Urinary tract infection, 3. Otitis media/externa, 4. Infectious enteritis (without fever or upper respiratory symptoms), 5. Cyclic vomiting, 6. Contagious impetigo, 7. Exanthema subitum, 8. Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, 9. Herpangina, 10. Fifth disease (slapcheek), 11. Hemolytic streptococcal infection, 12. Influenza A or B (provided at least 24 hours has passed since their body temperature returned to normal), 13. Respiratory syncytial (RS) virus, 14. Human metapneumovirus, 15. Mycoplasma infection. (Note: diagnosis using a rapid diagnosis kit is acceptable for Nos. 11 to 15.)

*Convalescent: For the purpose of admission to the Nursery Room, “convalescent” is defined as meaning that at least 24 hours have passed since the child’s body temperature returned to 37.5℃ or less.

Physician’s Report Form
Explanatory Letter for Doctors and Physicians

3.Making a reservation

An advance reservation is required to use the Nursery Room for Convalescent Children. The reservation must be made by telephone no later than the day prior to the intended use date (excluding days on which the Nursery Room is closed). Admission is granted on a first-come-first-served basis. No further applications will be accepted once all available places (two) are filled for that day.

After making a reservation, please download the necessary documents, such as the Application Form, User Consent Form and Request for the Administration of Medication Form. Please be sure to complete the documents before coming to the facility

For reservations: Nursery Room for Convalescent Children:
075-751-3090 (the service can be booked
from 8:30–14:30 on the day prior to the intended use date (excluding days on which the Nursery Room is closed.)

Application Form
User Consent Form
Request for the Administration of Medication Form

4.When bringing your child to the Nursery Room

Please bring the following items when bringing your child to the Nursery Room:

  • Completed application form (a separate form is required for each usage)
  • Completed Physician’s Report form
  • Completed usage consent form
  • Request for the Administration Form (if necessary)
  • Your Staff or student ID (undergraduate and graduate students only)
  • Completed questionnaire about your child
  • All medication currently required by your child (including medication to be taken only when necessary)
  • At least three spare sets of clothing, a face towel, etc. (clothing and other personal items should be clearly marked with your child’s name)
  • Plastic bags for laundry
  • Diapers, wet wipes (if necessary)
  • Baby formula, baby’s bottle (if necessary)
  • Lunch, and baby foods (if necessary)
  • Your child’s favorite toys and books (a few items only)

*Children’s books and toys are available at the Nursery Room.

In case of emergency

The Nursery Room for Convalescent Children does not provide medical treatment, such as injections or the intravenous drips. If a child in the Nursery Room becomes sick and needs the immediate medical attention by a physician, the care provider will call the parent or other emergency contact to request the child to be picked up.

Please be advised that if the parent or other emergency contact cannot be reached, or if the nurse judges that the child needs emergency treatment, the Nursery Room staff will take the child to the outpatient unit of Kyoto University Hospital.

Payment of fees

The Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center will send a monthly bill for the Nursery Room service fees to the address provided in the billing address field of the application form (your home, laboratory, or department). Please pay the requested amount via bank transfer to the designated account before the payment deadline (all transfer fees must be borne by the user). Please note that if the payment is not made by the deadline, you may be prohibited from using the service.