Kyoto University Gender Equality Promotion Center

Nursery Room for Convalescent Children

The Nursery Room for Sick Children has been temporarily closed since March 24, 2020, due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, the facility will resume its operations on April 5 (Mon.), 2021, under the new name: “Nursery Room for Convalescent Children.” As the Nursery Room’s terms of use may change in response to developments in the novel coronavirus situation, please be sure to confirm the latest information provided on the Nursery Room’s website before applying to use the service.

The Nursery Room for Convalescent Children: Overview

Location 5th floor of the Kyoto University Hospital’s Outpatient Ward (enter via the east entrance and take the closest elevator on the right to the 5th floor).
Children eligible for admission Convalescent* (see below for definition) children of Kyoto University faculty, staff, and students who were diagnosed with any of the following illnesses:

1. Aseptic meningitis, 2. Urinary tract infection, 3. Otitis media/externa, 4. Infectious enteritis (without fever or upper respiratory symptoms), 5. Cyclic vomiting, 6. Contagious impetigo, 7. Exanthema subitum, 8. Hand-foot-and-mouth disease, 9. Herpangina, 10. Fifth disease (slapcheek), 11. Hemolytic streptococcal infection, 12. Influenza A or B (provided at least 24 hours has passed since their body temperature returned to normal), 13. Respiratory syncytial (RS) virus, 14. Human metapneumovirus, 15. Mycoplasma infection. (Note: diagnosis using a rapid diagnosis kit is acceptable for Nos. 11 to 15.)

*Convalescent: For the purpose of admission to the Nursery Room, “convalescent” is defined as meaning that at least 24 hours have passed since the child’s body temperature returned to 37.5℃ or less.

Age limits The Nursery Room admits children aged from six months up until their sixth year of elementary school.
Maximum number of children that can be admitted two
Open Monday to Friday
(except national holidays, Kyoto University foundation day (June 18), the university’s summer and winter vacation period, and other days on which closure is deemed necessary by the director of the Gender Equality Promotion Center.)
Service hours 7:30–15:00
Hourly fee 500 yen per child
* Please bring lunch and snacks for your child.
* If the parent is a student, the university will pay half of the hourly fee.
How to use the service Advance registration (free of charge) must be completed by 14:30 on the day prior to the intended usage date (excluding days on which the facility is closed). A copy of your staff or student ID card, MEXT Mutual Aid Association membership card, Notice of Employment, or other document that verifies your affiliation with Kyoto University must be attached to the Advance Registration Form. If you do not have any of the above documents, please contact the Nursery Room in advance.

An advance reservation must be made by telephone between 8:30–14:30 on the day prior to the intended use date (excluding days on which the facility is closed).
Note: advance registration on the day of use is not accepted.

Prior to admission, all children must be examined by a physician and a Physician’s Report form must be completed (by the physician) and submitted to the Nursery Room. The Nursery Room will not accept a Physician’s Report obtained from an emergency clinic or night emergency medical service.
Note: the preliminary medical examination cannot be performed at the outpatient unit of the Kyoto University Hospital Department of Pediatrics.

Please note that the Nursery Room staff speak Japanese only, and the childcare services are also provided in Japanese. In order to avoid communication problems, users who cannot speak Japanese should be assisted by someone who can interpret for them when using the Nursery Room and when calling to make a reservation.

Note: the Kyoto University Nursery Room for Convalescent Children is covered by the Comprehensive Non-Life Insurance for National Universities and the Liability Insurance for National University Hospitals.

List of daycare facilities for sick and convalescent children (on the Kyoto City Office website) (in Japanese)
(For further details, please contact the Kyoto City Office section in charge.)

Registration and Admission Process