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Financial Support

Financial Support Program for the Employment of Research Assistants and Lab Assistants

Kyoto University provides a financial assistance program for the employment of research assistants and lab assistants for male and female researchers who are unable to secure sufficient time for research or experiments due to childcare or family care. (Please note that this program cannot be used for the employment of teaching assistants or assistants who provide support with general administrative work [accounting, etc.] or secretarial work.) Researchers who wish to apply for the program are requested to submit an application and other required documents via the administrative office of the applicant’s department. Please check with your department office for the deadline for submission to your department office.

Application Guidelines

Application Form

CV of the candidate to be employed as an assistant

  • Researchers who have already used this program for the past six consecutive terms or more (or for the past three years or more) are not eligible to apply in the 1st term of AY 2022. As there are many applicants for the program in every term, we ask for your kind understanding regarding this stipulation.


Financial Support for Hiring Research/Experiment Assistants:
Supporting the work-life balance of researchers with childcare or family care commitments

“I need to keep monitoring data, but I have to go and pick up my child from nursery school now…”
“I do not have much time for my work due to family care, but I want to finally complete the database that I have been developing by the end of this academic year…”

A successful career in research requires continuous effort and dedication, and some researchers may feel that they could maintain a better balance between their work and family commitments if they had just a few hours a day to spend taking care of things at home, or if they had just a little assistance with their research or experiments.

Since 2006, Kyoto University’s Support Center for Women Researchers has provided a support program to assist with the costs of hiring research and experiment assistants for researchers who are raising children or caring for elderly parents or other family members.

Male and female researchers or faculty members in any field of study—from science and medicine to the humanities and social sciences—are eligible to apply for the program. Please consider applying for the program if you are engaged in research while raising a child/children or caring for a family member.

The program was originally implemented by combining the university’s own funds with a budget from the Japanese government’s Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology. After the end of the government funding, the university has continued to provide the program, and we endeavor to continually improve it based on the needs of our researchers and faculty members.

GEPC offers financial support for hiring lab assistants, to cover gaps caused by maternity or other family-related leaved. Applications are accepted in June and December.

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